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Porta is streamer which streams on Facebook Gaming! Make sure to follow Porta to get notification when he is live!

About Porta

I am Porta and I have 44 years and the most important thing is that I do what I love. I like to talk with people and play video games, since streaming gives you one and another it is perfect combination for me. Over the time I learned that doing what you love makes happy you and people around you. I am author of two books and love to read books. Kind a weird combination with games. I am father of three excellent kids and I got wonderful wife.

I play mainly Mobile Legends game. Is is mobile game and everybody with mobile phone can play it, so make sure to stop by on stream, maybe we can play together!
Porta Facebook Gaming

Porta Merch

One of the best way to support my channel is to choose something from my Merch. I am sure that you will be amazed with quality of products. You know there are products and excellent quality products. Here you will get excellent quality product!

I am glad to be partner with best Croatian computer hardware and software store. I am sure you will like it just as I like it. Here on this websites you can check their stores in Croatia and in Slovenia.
Also check hardware and software reviews on Links and Porta7511 Youtube channel.


  • The Ultimate Activity Stream

    Porta stream every day mainly from 3pm – 10pm (CET)

  • Be free to follow Porta

    Below you will see social media where Porta is active and you can follow him to catch all news regarding the stream.

  • Business email

    Here you can send business email and questions on this email: porta7511@gmail.com

  • Refereum

    Porta is Refereum Ambassador. Refereum is special gaming platform for benefits of all gamers. You check it out in link below.

  • Adria Creators

    Porta is in Adria Creators Team. Adria Creator are fantastic streamers from Adria region. You can check them out on link below.

  • Stream aid

    You would like to make a challenge to Porta? You can create any challenge on Stream aid and maybe Porta will accept it.

Charity streams

Streamers community supports all kind a charity work. That is why you can see lot of streamers which doing charity streams. Charity stream means that on special day streamer promote donation to charity.

Porta charity streams 

Porta is also aware of problems which some people have and do often charity streams. DOing charity for Children's Hospital Zagreb

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